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April 23 201409·16 am1 note

Imprints are a technical nightmare of tape machines, synthesizers, homemade pedals, mixing desks and Max/MSP patches; a band perpetually on the brink of collapse. Their music examines the uneasy relationship between dissonance and melody, the contrast between dense masses and harmonious space. Contorted textures and tape-saturated atmospheres merge with pedal-steel-guitar, generative feedback and live sampling to produce a sound that is both organic and electric.

The bulk of 'Data Trails' was recorded over three days in a small space in rural Devon. Imagine the scene: a medium-sized room filled to the brim with music equipment. Tape machines, synthesizers, pedal steel guitar, laptops (three of them), effects pedals, home-made distortion units and arpeggiators.

'Data Trails' will be available from April 28th through the wonderful Serein label. This is a limited-time-only free download of ‘White Russain’, one of the tracks from the album.

(Source: / Serein)

April 22 201408·36 pm2 notes

April 28 sees the first installment leading up to the release of A Winged Victory for the Sullen’s second full length studio album ‘ATOMOS’, and score for choreographer Wayne McGregor’s long form dance piece.

McGregor was heavily influenced by the duo’s 2011 self-titled debut, playing it repeatedly during practices with his core group of dancers. After noticing the group’s reaction with the music, he contacted Adam & Dustin to see if they could write the score for his new oeuvre.

The duo recorded more than sixty minutes of music over a four month period during the summer of 2013 in Brussels, Berlin and Reykjavik with the help of their longtime collaborative sound engineer Francesco Donadello. This EP also sees the involvement of Ben Frost, who composed the music for McGregor’s previous work ‘Far’.

(Source: / A Winged Victory)

April 21 201407·50 am

A very fine collection of remixes of some tracks from Luke Howard’s 'Sun, Cloud', a neo-classical masterpiece which BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs called "absolutely heavenly".

April 18 201401·35 pm4 notes

’[ Passages ]’ is the third compilation by London based DJ, promoter and music journalist Massimo Terranova aka Nova. Following in the footsteps of his previous releases, ‘[ Albedo ]’ in 2005 and ‘Imaginary Friends’ in 2009, Nova presents a brand new mix of emo-ambient and electronica to evoke today’s dichotomy in relationships and rites of passage.

April 17 201404·34 pm1 note

Brambles’ remix work for fellow Melbourne musician Luke Howard with vocals from Strië

Make sure to check out the whole remix album on Bandcamp as there are some really great tracks.

April 16 201407·09 am

Taken from the album 'A Home For You' released in March 2014 through Hawk Moon Records.

April 15 201403·50 pm28 notes

Taken from Bruno Sanfilippo’s album ‘ClarOscuro’, which will be out on May 15th. It will mainly contain solo piano works by the Spanish composer and pianist, some pieces will also feature violoncello and violin.

April 15 201408·37 am9 notes

A masterpiece of electronic minimalism and ambient experimentalism by Bartosz Dziadosz aka Pleq and Philippe Lamy. Including remixes by Pjusk (Rune Sagevik & Jostein Gjelsvik), Marcus Fjellström and Ben Lukas Boysen.

Headphones or a large space highly recommended.

April 14 201404·06 pm1 note

Now this looks great: Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ in Anne Sophie Mutter’s interpretation and Max Richter’s fabulous ‘Recomposed’ version as an iPad app. I am an Android guy, but for the first time a bit of a jealous one.