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July 06 201407·13 am5 notes

The Sly and Unseen is a duo between Katie English (Isnaj Dui, littlebow and The Doomed Bird of Providence) and Jonathan Lees. They like to record things at weekends using acoustic instruments such as shruti box, harmonium, flutes, cello, xylophone and guitar.

July 01 201408·05 am4 notes

Entertainment for the Braindead recently performed some songs on Berlin’s Orange ‘Ear non-profit music channel. Go to their website to watch the entire performance.

Entertainment for the Braindead is a Berlin based one woman lofi orchestra. Since 2007 she has been writing and publishing songs, gathering guitars and banjos, ukuleles, flutes and other little items to accompany her voice in fragile arrangements. When at home in her berlin headquarter, she crafts paper cutouts for CDs or bakes cookies to go along with the music. And every now and then she carries heavy bags full of gear and instruments through train stations and airports, lulling audiences in close-by living rooms as well as far off places such as bosphorus metropoles or californian deserts.