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You'll find lots of pearls from the world of neo-classical music—think Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, etc. But I also like to peek into other styles that are closely related like ambient, electronica, jazz, and experimental. And I share insights, photos and news I come across while hunting for new music.

So, mind your head, use some good headphones, and simply enjoy.

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First single from Árstíðir’s upcoming album ‘Hvel’ which has been backed by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. You can pre-order the new release via Bandcamp. It will be out on December 1st.

The Sly and Unseen is a duo between Katie English (Isnaj Dui, littlebow and The Doomed Bird of Providence) and Jonathan Lees. They like to record things at weekends using acoustic instruments such as shruti box, harmonium, flutes, cello, xylophone and guitar.

Entertainment for the Braindead recently performed some songs on Berlin’s Orange ‘Ear non-profit music channel. Go to their website to watch the entire performance.

Entertainment for the Braindead is a Berlin based one woman lofi orchestra. Since 2007 she has been writing and publishing songs, gathering guitars and banjos, ukuleles, flutes and other little items to accompany her voice in fragile arrangements. When at home in her berlin headquarter, she crafts paper cutouts for CDs or bakes cookies to go along with the music. And every now and then she carries heavy bags full of gear and instruments through train stations and airports, lulling audiences in close-by living rooms as well as far off places such as bosphorus metropoles or californian deserts.

Recorded in Slab City.

Five songs written, mixed and arranged by Julia Kotowski aka entertainment for the braindead. Recorded en plein air in spring 2013 in the Southern Californian desert.

This is the seventh and last in a series of acoustic Postcards which started in September 2012 and can be streamed and downloaded through eftb’s Bandcamp account.


Serhat Arslan.

Need some music to pilot you through the day? Serhat Arslan’s ‘Days’ might be the perfect choice then. Enchanting neo-classical piano melodies merge with some uplifting guitar compositions into one beautiful picture. You will love it. At least I do.



As I look outside my small office window, it may be hard to imagine Summer. But Spring isn’t too far away after all and will be here sooner than we’ll realize. However, Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment for the Braindead has released a new EP as part of her ‘Postcard’ series, and it’s about Summer in Berlin.

So stream, download and name your price. And enjoy this new blessing of hers.



The new year starts with a new album by Julia Kotowski aka Entertainment for the Braindead. This is part #4 of her wonderful yet sometimes challenging ‘Postcard’ series.

Julia writes of her past winter’s demons: "Days get heavy as the new year rolls in, dark and dull and full of disappointment. I am weak and aching, turn into a ghost of retrospection, tired of dragging on the yearning for a far place and lost love like a dead limb. Fail to drown my woes in black ink and in chlorine water. Curled up into a ball and waiting to implode."


Chris Moore’s been around awhile, starting in 1981 pounding drums for legendary Detroit hardcore/punk quartet, Negative Approach. Recent activities include the new band; the Sons, who show a shared committment to the ‘band’ as a living, breathing entity, while also mining their own individual eclectism. Moore insists he’s never played with a band this unique and talented, and probably won’t again in his lifetime. 

The lastest album of Moore and Sons is available on Bandcamp.


Bryn Martin aka Bryyn is a neuroscientist by day and a musician by night. The 'Colorado Music Buzz' magazine writes about his album ‘In Shapes’: "These are the tunes that travel to Anywhere and Nowhere, circa Anytime–familiar, warm, and emotive with every note tick and vocal inflection. Reminiscent of cotton soft-folk, meditative as a lullaby, and decorated with haunted but cutesy pop of Sufjan Stevens, every track is a three-prong conversation between the singer and his muse, and the eavesdropping audience for whom interpretation of every stanza is like reading a secret diary.“