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So, mind your head, use some good headphones, and simply enjoy.

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The new album by Giulio Aldinucci, ‘Aer’, focuses on the ability of different sounds to communicate and become music.

Giulio Aldinucci was born in Siena, Italy, in 1981 and began learning music when he was a child. In addition to his musical research, which always focuses on different synthesis methods and the use of field recordings, he also writes music for acoustic instruments.

Tycho playing some tracks from his albums ‘Awake’ and ‘Dive’ live in the KEXP studios. This performance has been recorded in August.

'Need a Name' is Berlin-based composer Dario Lupo, who "creates emotional, nostalgic ambient music featuring larger-than-space reverbs."

I love the attention to details in this 3-tracker, along with a great production. Songs which soothe the soul in a very satisfying way. Highly recommended.

Oh, and btw: Dario has found a name for his musical project by now. He released his latest album under the moniker of Chasing Dreams.


An ambient-minded neoclassical duo that likes its sounds intensely measured, contemplative and slow, A Winged Victory For The Sullen works hard to make listeners feel eerily, gloriously lost.

Stream Atomos from NPR Music’s First Listen

Stream @Brambles’ ‘2014 Special Edition’ of his masterpiece 'Charcoal'. This edition was successfully crowd-funded in August through the website of the wonderful Serein label.

The vinyl features new artwork and ends with a re-imagining of ‘In The Androgynous Dark’ by Nest.

In 2012, Sven Laux’s compositional focus set course beyond the boundaries of micro-house onto a path of ambient-leaning techno. The Berliner has been exploring this road ever since, refining a process that harnesses his foundsound-oriented past with the contemporary classical influences of today.

His fifth studio album, ‘Elusive Moments’, marks a peak in this development, fusing familiar clicks and playful cadence with live orchestration, animated textures and intimate themes for an expressive and cinematic long-play experience. 

Kissy Suzuki’s music has always been of fragile nature in terms of atmospheres. And on ‘Proposte Monochrome’, the artist has developed a unique algorithm by merging synth-based sounds together with some serious ‘electronic determination’ and ‘celestial longitude wave sound’. The amalgamation of these three elements results in a galactic gateway leading to define contentment and ease of mind.

"A tribute to the gone-too-early genius Yves Klein, ‘Proposte Monochrome’ works like a musical translation of one of his intense blue paintings, hypnotic in their minimalism and emotionally stimulating in their subtlety."—Weed Temple

Extremely beautiful remix of Nils Frahm’s ‘Si’ from his 'Screws' album. Nils is currently reviewing the tracks and videos which have been sent in during his 'Screws reworked' remix project, so we can hope for more recommendations by the man himself in the near future. Stay tuned.

This is the second installment in Hammock’s experimental 'Sleep Music Project'. It has been created ”for sleep, to be a balm for our restless, troubled minds.”

Marc Byrd of Hammock writes: “We hope this music helps the listener to take the backward step. A collapse into rest. A gesture of solace.”

Don’t forget to visit Hammock’s SoundCloud for an in-depth background story behind the creation of this second installment of ten fine ambient tracks.