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August 19 201407·41 am3 notes

'Deluge' originally streamed live on the ‘Sadayatana’ show on StillStream radio back in 2011. The audio was simulcast live on 93.5MHz in the Baltimore metro listening area and consisted of three all new electronic ambient compositions created for this broadcast. Although then presented without title, Jason Sloan intended for this piece to capture the aftermath of our world after having suffered through a grand deluge.

Swedish label The Lost Gterma brought this recording to life again and re-released it with a brand new epilogue which now closes the album.

August 18 201404·59 pm

Taken from The Green Kingdom’s latest album 'Expanses'.

As indicated by the title, the pieces on it are meant to evoke vast and expansive environments, either real or imagined. These landscapes can often provide a sense of calm and wonder at our relative insignificance in comparison to the majestic grandeur of the larger universe all around us.

The Green Kingdom is Michael Cottone, a graphic designer and sound artist based in Michigan. His compositions blur the line between soundscape and structure, utilizing a variety of processed acoustic and electronic sources, sampled textures and field recordings.

August 17 201407·20 am4 notes

Excellent abstract Glitch and Ambient by Ottö Solänge.

Sölange is a side project of French musician Mathias Van Eecloo, who has released marvelous ambient and experimental music under the Monolyth & Cobalt pseudonym. His music is composed on various acoustic instruments like harmonium, piano, melodica, and various strings. Most of his sounds are connected to his photography work.

August 12 201401·55 pm2 notes

Gorgeous soundtrack for Nour Wazzi’s ‘Up on the Roof’ by composer David M Saunders.

'Up on the Roof' is a narrative short film about a troubled young boy who finds his rooftop escape jeopardized by the girl he pines for. It follows the two neglected children who create a world together on the rooftops above the streets of London. 

You will find the official trailer on Vimeo.

August 05 201408·05 am7 notes

Taken from the bonus remix CD (edition of 200) that comes with ‘There Is No Perfect Place’ by Memory Drawings on Hibernate on August 18th.

'There is No Perfect Place' is the second full length album from Anglo-American chamber-folk outfit Memory Drawings. The album showcases a wide palette of sounds delving into Talk Talk atmospherics uplifting ethnic tinged pop, kraut driven experiments alongside Basinski, style piano pieces and glistening examples of the kind of Badalamenti influenced instrumentals that littered their debut album ‘Music For Another Loss’.

The first 200 copies of the album comes with a bonus CD containing remixes by The Sly and Unseen, Benoît Pioulard, William Ryan Fritch, Pausal, A New Line (Related), and Talvihorros.

August 05 201407·47 am2 notes

'The Cabinets of Curiosity' from the series ‘A Frozen Tale by Alexia Sinclair’. Music taken from the excellent debut solo release 'Adrift' by Steve Gibbs.

Alexia Sinclair is an award winning Australian artist and photographer. Her distinct style is easily recognisable and highly original. Using a visual narrative to seduce her audience with each photographic feast, Sinclair’s art is dark and seductive, baroque and symbolic. Her multilayered photographs subtly present contemporary notions of fashion and beauty through innovative digital media, whilst restoring antique notions of classicism, elegance and luxury.

August 04 201407·00 am2 notes

"In all it seems ’Glasshouse’ is just that, a place where you’ll need to move about carefully to let the sound waves travel unfettered and undisturbed. Leaving a ray of light to shine in and disperse in all manner of color, this audio architect reveals a calmed emotive sound-escape that is serene, polished and quite nostalgic.”Igloo Magazine

August 01 201405·33 pm3 notes

Following the release of the collaborative EP ‘In Passing’, with Cyrus Reynolds in 2013 (one of my all-time favourite ambient music releases), is the debut solo release from Steve Gibbs. ’Adrift’ comprises of 7 gorgeous modern classical and ambient compositions, including his original score work. I cannot wait to take this release with me on my next early morning run.

July 27 201412·22 pm4 notes

Taken from Wil Bolton’s  upcoming album 'Bokeh' which will be out on Home Normal in August, in an edition of 500 CDs in handmade oversized washi card with insert.

The Japanese ボケ味 (‘boke-aji’) relates to a ‘blur quality’, and has in time come to be known as a photographic technique by which ‘out-of-focus’ points of light are processed by certain lenses. You can get ‘good’ or ‘bad’ bokeh which often refers to the level of distraction in the image, with the good of course, enhancing the image somehow in its own mysterious way.