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July 27 201412·22 pm4 notes

Taken from Wil Bolton’s  upcoming album 'Bokeh' which will be out on Home Normal in August, in an edition of 500 CDs in handmade oversized washi card with insert.

The Japanese ボケ味 (‘boke-aji’) relates to a ‘blur quality’, and has in time come to be known as a photographic technique by which ‘out-of-focus’ points of light are processed by certain lenses. You can get ‘good’ or ‘bad’ bokeh which often refers to the level of distraction in the image, with the good of course, enhancing the image somehow in its own mysterious way.

July 27 201406·49 am4 notes

New album by Wil Bolton which will be released by Home Normal on CD, in an edition of 500. 'Bokeh' is one of those lovely records that doesn’t really hit you straight away to be honest. That, though, is the beauty of Wil’s works. From very subtle beginnings you are left to uncover wonderful variances, discovering new elements coming to the fore with each listen.

July 24 201407·01 am2 notes

The wonderful Serein label is crowd-funding a very special vinyl edition of ‘Charcoal’ by Brambles. If they get enough sales, it will get made. It’s no different to crowdfunding using Kickstarter and the like, they’ve just chosen not to use a third-party. If by the 24th of August they don’t have enough orders to make this viable, your payment will be refunded in full. Learn more.

July 23 201402·52 pm1 note

Ambient-jazz combo Colorlist re-released their 2007 and 2009 works ‘List’ and ‘Photographs’ as one album under the name of ‘Listing’. A more admirable than memorable experience. Sheer excellence.

July 21 201407·35 am1 note

Stream in full the forthcoming special edition version of Nest’s masterpiece album ‘Retold’. This will be out on vinyl in September on Serein. Also available digitally.

The special edition contains two bonus tracks, ‘Tides’ by Nest and a re-imagining of ‘Amroth’ by Brambles. It was originally crowd-funded via the Serein website. Orders were collected over one month and just two weeks in, enough people had pledged in order to make production viable.

Nest is the collaborative project of Otto A Totland and Huw Roberts. The first six tracks on this album were originally released in 2007 on the eponymously titled ‘Nest EP’; they are presented here again having been remastered alongside five new pieces composed in 2009. A revised edition of the track ‘Cad Goddeu’ was created especially for this release.

Franz Kirmann by Futuresequence on Mixcloud

July 18 201406·06 am4 notes

Exciting mix of electronica and ambient by London based French artist Franz Kirmann featuring artists such as Brian Eno and Mark Isham.

'Meridians', Kirmann’s second full length album, following 2011s ‘Random Access Memories’, is out today on Futuresequence. ‘Meridians’ appears more cinematic in tone; embracing film soundtrack phrasing, Kirmann cites the film editor/makers Wong Kar Wai, Michelangelo Antonioni, Sergio Leone and David Lynch as influences.


July 16 201406·57 am4 notes

British composer Steve Gibbs put together this fine hour of ambient and neo-classical bliss featuring artists such as Helios, Jon Hopkins and Jóhann Jóhannsson.

(Source: / SeekSickSound)

July 15 201402·08 pm3 notes

Music that lets you breath. Fantastic ambient piece by Keith Kenniff under his moniker of Helios.

Keith Kenniff is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, and electronic music producer. He composes ambient/electronic music under the moniker Helios and post-classical piano music under Goldmund. He is also one-half of the indie band Mint Julep, and ambient project Hollie & Keith Kenniff. Keith is also a composer for film, television, dance and performance art.

Kenniff graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2006 with a B.A. in percussion and composition and is the curator of the mighty Unseen Music label.

(Source: Wikipedia / Keith Kenniff - Helios)

July 10 201412·43 pm

To celebrate the great landmark of five years in existence, Tokyo-based label Home Normal released this wonderful compilation ‘Elements’ in April. With over 60 artists from their past, present and future involved, this five disc compilation is raising money for five different charities. This is clearly one of the broadest releases of ambient, neo-classical and experimental music of this year. Not one to be missed.