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You'll find lots of pearls from the world of neo-classical music—think Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds, A Winged Victory for the Sullen, etc. But I also like to peek into other styles that are closely related like ambient, electronica, jazz, and experimental. And I share insights, photos and news I come across while hunting for new music.

So, mind your head, use some good headphones, and simply enjoy.

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A fine selection of tracks from Nonclassical releases 001 - 015.

Founded by composer Gabriel Prokofiev in 2004, Nonclassical is a club-night and record label based in East London. The Nonclassical record label has released 15 albums to date, with an ever-growing spectrum of music represented. The idea behind the releases is to record forward-thinking, contemporary classical music and then invite musicians and producers who usually work in different genres of music to remix them.

'Night, Cloud' is the remix-follow-up to Luke Howard’s majestic neo-classical masterpiece 'Sun, Cloud', which the BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs recommended as “Absolutely heavenly”.

Luke managed to assemble a fantastic pool of talent and inspiration, resulting in a gorgeous mixture of anharmonic and harmonic sounds. Highly recommended.

Working across a variety of media John Lemke explores all things sonic through live performance, sound design and his work as a documentary film composer. 'The Walizka EP' is his latest solo release on Denovali Records.

Previously released digitally as a teaser for John’s debut album, ‘The Walizka EP’ actually presents newer material, progressing the electro-acoustic nature of ‘People Do’ towards more dub drenched territories. Refining John’s blend of prepared piano and field recordings with hand crafted beats and swampy bass lines, this deeply moody and danceable release bends genres with refreshing ease.

The EP is furthermore enhanced by a second half of remixes by fellow Denovali artists Piano Interrupted, SaffronKeira and Petrels and the ever elusive Everyday Dust. Far from conventional remixes, these pieces fall more in the category of re-imaginations, complementing the EP’s first, more rhythm anchored half with a coherent ambient counterpart.

A very fine collection of remixes of some tracks from Luke Howard’s 'Sun, Cloud', a neo-classical masterpiece which BBC Radio 6’s Mary Anne Hobbs called "absolutely heavenly".

Brambles’ remix work for fellow Melbourne musician Luke Howard with vocals from Strië

Make sure to check out the whole remix album on Bandcamp as there are some really great tracks.

A fine remix by Stray Theories of Rhian Sheehan’s ‘Imber’, which can be found on his album 'Stories From Elsewhere'.

Taken from Christina Vantzou’s remix album to her brilliant release ‘No. 1’. The new work will be released on February 24th, and you can get an early (and excellent) preview on the p*dis label sampler.

Excellent remix by Pleq of Baasch’s 'Siamese Sister'.

Cyrus Reynolds and Steve Gibbs made this pulsating remix of Ólafur Arnald’s ‘Only the Winds’. Remember to check out their debut work 'In Passing' if you haven’t yet.