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April 17 201404·34 pm1 note

Brambles’ remix work for fellow Melbourne musician Luke Howard with vocals from Strië

Make sure to check out the whole remix album on Bandcamp as there are some really great tracks.

February 09 201410·11 am11 notes

A fine remix by Stray Theories of Rhian Sheehan’s ‘Imber’, which can be found on his album 'Stories From Elsewhere'.

February 03 201407·19 am16 notes

Taken from Christina Vantzou’s remix album to her brilliant release ‘No. 1’. The new work will be released on February 24th, and you can get an early (and excellent) preview on the p*dis label sampler.

January 16 201408·02 am

Excellent remix by Pleq of Baasch’s 'Siamese Sister'.

October 12 201308·53 am3 notes

Cyrus Reynolds and Steve Gibbs made this pulsating remix of Ólafur Arnald’s ‘Only the Winds’. Remember to check out their debut work 'In Passing' if you haven’t yet.

October 11 201308·10 am4 notes

Another fine Max Cooper remix of Nils Frahm’s music.

June 23 201308·00 am7 notes

Very minimal, extremely wonderful remix of Nils Frahm’s ‘More & Less’.

April 30 201309·11 pm2 notes

Starting with a portion of Nils Frahm’s open-call remix project, Gregory Euclide continued the process by listening to Analogue Dear’s rework of ‘Me’ and created this.

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April 29 201307·27 am6 notes

Seque’s remix for Nils Frahm’s open-call remix project of his album ‘Screws’. Heavenly. Segue is Jordan Sauer from Vancouver, Canada.